Celo Mare

127" Custom sport fisher designed by Doug Sharp of San Diego.

  1. Built in Port Townsend WA, and finished in Seattle WA,
  2. Glacier designs the custom freezers and refrigerator from Cad drawings sent by the boat builder.
  3. Glacier then inserted the freezer / refrigerator unit into the supplied cad drawing for the builder and owner to approve.
  4. Usually after several back and forth with the Cad drawing a final design is approve.
  5. Glacier then custom fabricates these approve freezer and refrigerator units, installs the necessary cooling system,
  6. Crates and ships the system complete for either yard to install in the specified areas. Then either yard supplied sub-contractors or Glacier personnel travel to the builder's location to do final hookup, refrigerant charging and final test runs.

This yacht had a custom 6-drawer refrigerator. A 3-compartment Pantry cold stores unit that could be run as either freezer or refrigerators.  It also has a separate "Flash freezer" for quick freezer filleted and vacuum-sealed, fish caught on trips to Mexico and north to Alaska.

Glacier also supplied a custom Cockpit fishing deck drink box system also.  This was a must for this boat, the owner's previous boat had a out of the box under counter Subzero unit that just could not keep up with keeping cold drinks supplied when guest weir aboard, and lots of fishing action in the hot tropical climates of Mexico and Costa Rica.

Another interesting Glacier System in the 127 ft sport fisher is the Built in refrigerated seawater system, (some call it a "slammer box or some call live catch box" in the transom next to the exit gate. This is a very important system especially when fishing in tropical waters.  This system has it's own seawater cooled condensing unit & control.  There is a special 316L cooling plate mount in the bottom sidewall of the box.

Seawater is pumping in high enough to cover the plate. The system cools the seawater to just above the freeze point of seawater, +27°F.  Newly caught Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, are put into the tank still live and just taken off the lure.

The fish pumps the cold water through the gills causing body temperature to rapidly decrease slowing the build up and creation of lactic acid.  Lactic acid degrades the quality of meat.  After an hour or so, the fish is fillet, and portions vacuum bagged in commercial type vacuum machines. Then into the Flash freezer unit.  The results are sashimi grade fish portions for months and months.

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